Ferreira Power West is an industry-leading provider of utility construction services, delivering optimal value while ensuring sustainability depends on our ability to prioritize economic, social, cultural, ethical and environmental considerations generated through our day-to-day operations

Our core values of safety, integrity, creativity, responsiveness, teamwork, respect and initiative have provided the foundation for how we conduct ourselves in the communities we live and serve. These values guide us to make the right investments in our people and business for the long-term and aid our practices in preserving the environment for future generations.

Commitment to Sustainability

For Our People

  • The safety, health and well-being of our employees is our priority. We provide work environments that are safe, inclusive, and ethical.
  • We provide opportunities for growth and development, we invest in leadership training, mentoring and succession planning initiatives to give our future leaders the tools they will need to be successful.
  • We have created in-house training courses specific to leadership, communication, relationship management and many more key competencies for our employees’ development.
  • We respect and protect the rights of all people while maintaining a zero-tolerance policy for human trafficking, child labor and forced labor.
  • Our partners, vendors, and subcontractors are evaluated on several factors prior to selection, which includes past performance, expertise, health, safety, environmental and ethical practices to ensure fair and safe labor conditions.

With Our Clients

  • We collaborate with our clients to identify and ensure sustainable business practices that balance cost and risk on every project and strive for continuous improvement in our efforts

In Our Business Operations

  • We ensure that responsibility for sustainability occurs at every level of our organization; from our board of directors and executive committee to our management, and to field personnel.
  • We expect our employees, subcontractors, partners and suppliers to exhibit behaviors and actions that exemplify the highest ethical standards, and to conduct themselves in accordance with our Vendor Code of Conduct, company policies, client expectations and requirements, and all applicable laws and regulations.
  • We identify risk and opportunity to aid informed decisionmaking and strategic planning initiatives that focus on the long-term viability of Ferreira.
  • We review sustainability trends and feedback from stakeholders to assess our performance, and to identify areas for improvement and development, as well as to establish associated monitoring programs.
  • We identify viable opportunities to reduce the negative impacts of our business operations, such as reducing the use of toxic materials, conserving and preserving our natural resources, and reducing waste.
  • We employ and utilize partners, vendors, subcontractors andsuppliers who practice sustainability, and align themselveswith our sustainable principles and objectives.

In Our Communities

  • At Ferreira, charity is practiced at every level of the company. Ferreira encourages a culture of giving back to the community with its employees. Employees often participate in company sponsored events and the company is proud to support charitable organizations.
  • Each year employees participate in the “Ferreira Elves” program that allows employees to buy gifts for families in need; donate new clothing to the “Bridges Outreach Program” – an organization helping the most vulnerable homeless in our local community; “Grow-A-Row” where employees pick fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables to be donated to families in need; volunteer at “Camp Fatima” – New Jersey’s only all-volunteer one-on-one camp for handicapped children and employees often have food drives to support the ever growing needs of local food banks, as well as participate in other events.

With Respect for Our Environment

  • We comply with all applicable environmental policies, laws and regulations to ensure we conduct operations in a manner which will control and minimize damage to the environment and protect the health and safety of our employees, partners, subcontractors and communities.

Ferreira National HQ – Model of Energy-Efficient Construction

Acclaimed as a Leading High Performance Building

Ferreira’s national corporate headquarters in Branchburg, NJ, has a unique commitment to sustainability as evidenced by the fact that it is the first netzero electric commercial building in the United States.

Designed by Ferreira professionals and completed in 2006, the 42,000-squarefoot headquarters features: