Mutual respect, fairness and equality in the workplace

Ferreira Power West (FPW) is a qualified power/utility contractor and a subsidiary of Ferreira Construction, which is certified as an MBE with the National Minority Development Council (NMSDC), Empire State Development Corporation (ESDC), Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (PANYNJ), New York City Small Business (NYCSBS), State of New Jersey, Prince George County Maryland and Supplier Clearinghouse (CPUC).

FPW understands the perspectives of others and demonstrates mutual respect, fairness and equality in the workplace. While growing his business, Nelson Ferreira has embraced his own diversity, as well as that of the company. In all aspects of his work, his goal is to be a role model to others and behave in a way that actively supports the principles of community and promotes diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Ferreira’s MBE status and our commitment diversity are important to Nelson and all our employees.

As such, Ferreira makes every effort to attain the goals set forth by both our public and private clients. We look for areas of work that can be subcontracted to first and second tier minority subcontractors. Utilizing Good Faith Effort guidelines, we solicit firms that are not only certified but qualified to do the work safely and who will perform a commercially useful function on our projects.

Our specific efforts to increase minority participation on utility projects include but are not limited to identifying second tier opportunities for qualified minority sub-contractors and material suppliers. In addition, FPW attends annual customer diversity supplier workshops. These events are a great forum for creating successful relationships between diverse companies and prime contractors.

Additionally, we hire diverse suppliers to perform our office administrative tasks such as the SDVOB business we use to perform continuity testing of our IT system, the WBE firm we use to print our brochures for events, and the SDVOB firm we use to order some of our promotional items.

Safety is Ferreira’s top priority and while we seek to hire minority firms, we also must take into account their experience working in and around live yards and large utility apparatus. It is imperative that all of our subcontractors have the required safety training and experience to perform the work, this includes craft labor.